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Lizbeth the Traveling Holga was recently in the talented hands of Sturbridge Massachussetts photographer Lea Jones.  After a bit of a hiatus I am so glad to see Lizbeth in action again, I feared maybe she was long lost!

From Lea:

I took her out in front of my house on a cold winter day.  We took photos of my little boys’ new scooter and pf course my daughter and her pup Agnès.

I think Lizbeth was excited about heading back to a warmer state, but was happy to see real snow.
These were shot on Ultrafine 400, a cheap B&W:-)developed and scanned Prophoto connection in Irvine
I included all 12 of the shots even if some were a little bit of a repeat.  Holga photos are so much fun!
Lizbeth the TRaveling Holga for The Kindred Art
Lea Jones photographing for The Kindred Art
The Red Mop Lea Jones and the Holga
LEa Jones, The Traveling Holga Project
Lizbeth The Traveling Holga in Massachussetts
The Kindred Art and the Traveling Holga Project
LEa Lebrun Jones for The Kindred Art
Holga and Ultrafine 120 BW
Black and White Film and The holga
I look forward to seeing where Lizbeth goes next!
Please visit Lea’s other photographic work here:

Lizbeth the Traveling Holga just spent a week in Texas with artist Carol Lee. Carol used one of my favorite black and white films, Kodak Tri-x400 and she developed and scanned these gorgeous photographs on her own.

From Carol “My work explores a child’s imagination and freedoms of being a KID! It being my first time shooting a Holga, I have to say that shooting the Holga camera is very much like being a kid in that you have to let go of control and be willing to accept the expressionistic characteristics that the Holga gives you. I do believe that I will now buy a Holga for those days when I want to just let go…
Lizbeth the traveling Holga in Austin Texas with Carol Lee
Carol Lee and the Traveling Holga for The Kindred Art
Lizbeth the Traveling Holga in Austin Texas for The Kindred Art
Thank you Carol for participating in our group project with the Traveling Holga.

Carol’s beautiful work can be found online here:

I can’t wait to see where Lizbeth turns up next!

Lizbeth the Traveling Holga recently showed up on the doorstep of family photographer Jess Rotenberg in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I love the results and how she wasn’t afraid to show off the quirks and niggles of the unpredictable Holga toy camera. When this camera is on it is ON though, just look at how rich those colors are…


From Jess~

We took Lizbeth to the Pullen Park Drum Circle on Sept 2. She met some friends of ours that we don’t see often and their wonderful kids. She also saw hula hoopers, sword fighters, jugglers, acrobats, and some yo-yo-ers.  I ran a roll of Portra 800 and was pretty pleased with the results. At one point, the back did come off mid roll but that’s the beautiful of a toy camera sometimes. In the spirit of honoring Lizbeth flaws and all, here are all 12 images!

jess rotenberg photography raleigh family photography 02jess rotenberg photography raleigh family photography 03jess rotenberg photography raleigh family photography 04jess rotenberg photography raleigh family photography 05Traveling HOlga with JEss ROtenberg for The Kindred Art

traveling holga with jess rotenberg for The Kindred Art

Thank you Jess for joining in on the Lizbeth: Traveling Holga Project. Now, please go visit Jess Rotenberg and see her gorgeous approach to portrait photography here:

@jessrotenbergphotography on instagram