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The Kindred Art is a  group of photographic artists around the world collaborating together on themed projects.  The Kindred Art celebrates growth and exploration through personal projects while also fostering connections with fellow photographers.

The first three long term group projects of the year are:

Traveling Holga  One Holga camera, many hands.  The Holga goes on a road trip from photographer to photographer staying just a week at each destination, running through a roll of film each time.

The Red Thread  Inspired by the Chinese proverb of The Red Thread of Destiny, we explore the human connection while incorporating a common thread.

Two Postcards  Photographers respond with their own photograph after being inspired by a submitted photograph from a stranger.

Alongside The Kindred Art group projects, the blog will be a showcase for ongoing or completed individual personal projects.  Show your work!



To find out more about the ongoing projects or to become part of an upcoming project, please contact the facilitator Dena at or join The Kindred Art Facebook group for registration and some fun behind-the scenes action.

Behind the scenes:

The Kindred Art is facilitated by Dena Robles, an editorial and portrait photographer based in Michigan.  Special thanks go to Maria Vandermolen for the fun graphics incorporated in the design of this website.  She can be reached at


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