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Traveling Holga in Columbus, Ohio

If the Holga camera is anything, it is unreliable.  From camera to camera, from user to user, from time to time, one is always in for a surprise.  I think a lot of photographers will say that letting go of expectations can be a stressful, yet therapeutic exercise.  The charm of shooting with a Holga is in the surprise of the outcome.  Lizbeth the Traveling Holga is proving to have her own thumbprint, as well as her own voice in the hands of different photographers.  Here is a glimpse of the Traveling Holga in Columbus Ohio in the hands of photographer Sarah Stankey.  I really enjoy the muted tones of the colors as well as the ethereal look to each scene and each photograph.  It feels like stumbling through the woods, traveling through a memory.

The Kindred Art TRaveling Holga Project with Sarah Stankey

Sarah Stankey and Lizbeth the Traveling Holga for Kindred Art

photo of trees in the woods on a holga by sarah stankey for The Kindred Art

The Traveling Holga in Columbus Ohio with Sarah Stankey

holga photos by sarah stankey for The Kindred Art

Thank you Sarah Stankey for sharing your walk with the holga and with us. If you are interested in learning more about our collaborative projects, please visit our facebook page here: Kindred Art

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