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Traveling Holga Project


the traveling holga project for kindred art

The Traveling Holga is the opening group project for The Kindred Art.  We have one gorgeous fantastic plastic toy camera which is about to pass through many hands around the country and maybe even further.  The guidelines for the Traveling Holga are to receive the camera, load it up with film and shoot a complete roll of film within 7 days before boxing it up and sending it on to the next person on the map.  Once the roll of film has been exposed it is up to the photographer to quickly process and scan their own photographs and select the favorite images to be posted on The Kindred Art blog.  Shooting with a holga camera is a true exercise in letting go of control and the need for perfection.  Holgas can be finicky and inconsistent from camera to camera and user to user.  We are going to embrace the quirks of the holga as we share our photographs and experiences during the project.

To sign up for the Traveling Holga project please join the Kindred Art facebook group or email me, Dena, the facilitator.  Have fun!

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