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Two Postcards


All about the Two Postcards project for The Kindred Art

As the creator of a photograph we are only one part of the equation.  We have an artistic vision and a message we want to convey, we often have a unique subject with a point of view to consider.  We also have our all-important viewer.  Have you ever viewed a piece of art and had it move you and trigger some visceral feeling within you? Have you ever looked at a piece of art and just scratched your head in clueless wonder while standing next to another viewer who could rattle on about the involved details of the art for 40 minutes?  Think back to Pyschology 101 and the Rorschach Test.  What is the first thing you see in a splatter of ink blots?  What is the first thing you see in a photograph?  What do you take away from it?   What does it mean to you? Two Postcards is a group project game playing on this theme. It’s kind of like a Photo UNO game.   There is one group of photographs submitted for the project which are assigned individually to another group of photographers.  The photographer selected in the second group is assigned one photograph to respond to with their own new photograph.  Something is borrowed from the first photograph as a viewer and becomes the building block for a new photograph as the artist.  The two photographs are then posted on The Kindred Art side by side.

To sign up for either group in the Two Postcards project please join The Kindred Art facebook page or email Dena at subject line ‘Two Postcards. ‘  Can’t wait to hear from you!

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